Timber Deck Maintenance
Gold Coast & Brisbane

Renovating your Deck maybe the best Real Estate investment you will ever make!

REGULAR MAINTENANCE is the key to a good looking long lasting deck!

After our initial service implementation we believe a regular maintenance program will ensure your deck is protected well into the future.

BENEFITS to regular maintenance:

  • Your deck will always look great
  • You will enjoy using your deck more
  • Maintenance will increase the value of your property, first impression are everything
  • You will save money in the long run
  • Your deck will last longer
  • Deck maintenance will avoid the prospect of another full deck renovation

We all know timber decks need regular maintenance, but alas that does not mean it always gets done. Whether this is because you are too busy with work and family, or life just throws up 100 other things you would rather do...

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This is know longer a problem as BEACH LIFE FLOORS offer a hassle free ongoing MAINTENANCE program that ensures you never have to worry about your deck again.
We will remind you when your follow up deck treatments are due.

We feel our deck preparation and treatments service is second to none, BUT without REGULAR MAINTENANCE its only a matter of time before your deck is back in the same deteriorated state it was before we started.
There are no deck treatments on the market that don’t require regular maintenance as part of keeping your deck looking top notch.

Our work is backed up with our PERSONAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

Call Steve Cattell now on 0402 95 44 25 for an obligation free quote!